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Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, Group T-4

Strongly Correlated Electron Physics

We are interested in the physical properties of materials that are caused by strong correlations in quantum systems. Examples include the strong electron-electron correlations and the coupling of the charge to the magnetic and lattice degrees of freedom.

People and what they do

Alexander Balatsky (Team Leader)
Cristian Batista
Matthias Graf
James Gubernatis
Stuart Trugman
Jian-Xin Zhu

STM Image
STM Image around a nonmagnetic impurity in a high-Tc superconductor.
NMR Image
NMR spectra and Knight shift of unconventional superconductor PuCoGa5.

3D Active Stereo Visualization Capabilities at the Center for Integrated Nanotechnology (CINT)

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